Gunnar Michielssen is an enthusiastic and inspiring speaker and narrator, dragging everybody along. Over the past 15 years, Gunnar has spoken for over then 30 000 people on themes such as e-mail and meeting culture, copywriting, writing for internet and intranet, etc...

For Gunnar, speaking is two-way traffic. Even with large groups he enters into dialogue with his audience. The result: rousing and compelling sessions the participants keep on talking about for a long time.

What participants have to tell on Gunnar Michielssen (more personal reactions on

  • "Gripping from the first to the last minute. I was glued to my chair."
  • "Everybody from director to employee should follow this training."
  • "Smooth, entertaining, funny, lots of interaction with the participants."
  • "The best course I have received in a long time. No minus points."
  • "Very clear, very well summarized an particularly motivating.... THANKS!"