The inspiring seminar Master Your E-mail offers your organisation all tips at one go to handle e-mail more professionally. So that e-mail is again used what it was made for: to work and communicate more efficiently.

Master Your E-mail starts with a half-day session, given by Gunnar Michielssen. Gunnar speaks Dutch, English and French. He will tell you and your colleagues how to optimally profit from e-mail's advantages, without smothering yourselves or your colleagues.

Master Your E-mail's purpose is to change the e-mail culture in your organization. The email training consists of three equally important parts:

  • Work more efficiently. After Master Your E-mail staff members handle e-mail more efficiently, making more time available for others tasks.
  • Better e-mailing. After Master Your E-mail your staff members write shorter and more structured e-mails.
  • Less e-mailing. After Master Your E-mail your staff members only send e-mails when really necessary or useful.

Although Master Your E-mail is not a technical Outlook or gmail training, every participant will discover new tricks and features in his email program.